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     Need HELP with Credit Repair? Need to BOOST your FICO? Not sure how to correct those blemishes? Considering bankruptcy? Have Bad Credit but need a Credit Card, a Loan or a Mortgage? Maybe you have NO Credit and don't know how to build it? We can HELP with all your Credit Repair needs!

     Have you ever experienced that knot in your stomach when you find out a credit report will be require to approve you for a loan? Your not alone. Most people have experienced credit difficulties during their life. Now more than ever people are facing hardships such as layoffs, pay cuts and other financial setbacks. As a result, bills become delinquent and our credit file as a consumer suffers. Unfortunately, a good credit report is needed for most of the major purchases we make in life. Purchases such as a home, a car and any other kind of loan you might seek. Not to mention a good FICO allows for conveniences such as credit cards, 0% interest offers and other discounts.

     Due to these common issues of today, The Credit Healer was designed to help people repair their credit and or build first time credit. The focus of this website is to provide you with ALL the resources you need to accomplish this task. Learn everything about credit, from what a FICO score is, to the guidelines banks use to grant a home loan, to when a collection company can and can not call you! So.... grab yourself a cup of coffee and lets get started on making your credit something your proud of!

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The Credit Healer... Resources!
Additional Credit Resources! Everything from Credit Repair to Credit Cards to Loan for people with poor credit.
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