Credit Cards

     Today there are many types of credit cards available for almost any situation. If you have perfect credit you can pick from virtually any offer. Many of these cards have great programs that rebate you cash and other valuable benefits. If on the other hand you have experienced hard times (as we all do) and your credit has suffered, there are still many choices for you. One of these cards even offers you an income opportunity! Now that's something to be excited about! Basically, this site has all the resources you need to find the credit cards that are right for you regardless of your credit situation.

Credit Cards by Catagories
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Instant Approval Credit Cards
Credit Cards for Bad Credit
Rewards Credit Cards
Student Credit Cards

Credit Cards by Brands
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Credit Cards by Issuers
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New Millennium Bank Credit Cards

Unsecured Credit Cards

     These are your standard credit cards. Here is how it works. Once you apply for this card your credit report is pulled and the card issuer determines if they will extend you credit based on your credit report. They also, determine how much credit you can have. Once you make a purchase with this card the bank pays for your purchase and then sends you a statement in which you can pay in full or some portion of the balance. Because you do not have to put any collateral against these cards they are unsecured. If you can not pay what you owe, the creditor has no claim to anything you own. Don't be fooled however, if you can't repay your debts these companies will give you very few options. You might not have to repay them, but you might end up in bankruptcy to get away from their collection attempts!

Secured Credit Cards

     These cards are different than unsecured credit cards because they do require some collateral. Generally, these cards require you to open a savings account that secures your credit card. The available credit on your card can range from 50% to 100% of the amount in the savings account that secures your card. These types of cards are great for reestablishing your credit after problems because they often report to the 3 major credit bureaus. As a result your credit is improved over time since this card is making positive comments on your credit report.

Pre-Paid Credit Cards

     Pre-Paid Cards sound a lot like secured cards but they are different. A pre-paid card is actually not a credit card. There is no credit line with a pre-paid card. Actually, these cards are very similar to your debit card. These days debit cards often have a Visa or MasterCard logo. This allow you to pay for a purchase as you would with a credit card but the purchase amount is not charged, it is debited directly from your bank account! With a pre-paid card you "load" money onto your card. For example, you load $500 onto your pre-paid card and now you can pay for purchases with this card up to the $500 amount you loaded! And just like your debit card with a Visa or MasterCard logo, pre-paid cards often have a Visa or MasterCard logo too! Also, these cards are rechargeable like a phone card! When the card runs low you just "load" more money onto it. Recently, these types of pre-paid cards have become popular because they too can help you rebuild poor credit or establish first time credit. The reason for this is some of these cards report to the credit bureaus. Therefore, they have the same positive benefit on your credit report that secured cards do.

Store Value/Internet Cards

     These cards are designed specifically for use in your online shopping. These cards are not credit cards, they are charge cards and you do receive a credit line from the issuer. However, they do not have the standard MasterCard, Visa, American Express or Discover card logo. Therefore, you can not make purchases at your local connivence store with these cards. In fact, you are limited in your purchases to online and the particular stores that sponsor the card you have. I know this sounds like a hassle but there are some very good attributes to these types of cards. For one they can be easy to get for someone with poor credit and many of these cards also report to the credit bureaus. That's right, you know where this is going! These cards are great for rebuilding credit. Also, for those that don't need to build or rebuild credit these cards usually offer deals and discounts at the stores in their shopping networks!

Rewards Credit Cards & Affinity Cards

      Rewards Credit Cards are special credit cards that have added benefits to their use. Rewards Credit Cards offer many unique benefits such as cash back options, points towards products, the potential to earn income, and benefits at certain merchants. The last option usually relates to cards known as Affinity Credit Cards or Co-Branded Cards. The purpose of these cards is to build brand loyalty with that particular merchant. Affinity Credit Cards frequently have promotional offers and shopping discounts. The most well know of these types of cards are the ones offered by airline companies. When you make a purchase you earn milage that you can apply towards plane tickets from that airline. As a result you get airline ticket discounts. Rewards & Affinity Credit Cards offer tremendous benefits and are generally reserved for those with good credit.

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