History of the Credit Score

     The following credit score information was published and provided by Experian.com on August 21, 2003.

     Credit scores came into wide use in the 1980's. Long before these scores, human judgment was the sole factor in deciding who received credit. Lenders used their past experience at observing consumer credit behavior as the basis for judging new consumers. Not only was this a slow process, but it was also unreliable because of human error.

     Lenders eventually began to standardize how they made credit decisions by using a point system that scored the different variables on a consumer's credit report. This point system helped to eliminate much of the bias that previously existed; however, it was still tied to intuitive measures of creditworthiness and was not based on actual consumer behavior.

     Credit granting took a huge leap forward when statistical models were built that considered numerous variables and combinations of variables. These models were built using payment information from thousands of actual consumers, which made scores highly effective in predicting consumer credit behavior. When combined with computer applications, scoring models have made the credit granting process extremely fast, efficient and objective, facilitating commerce and helping consumers quickly get the credit they need. (Experian.com, 8/21/03)

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