Sofia's Credit Problem

by Lisa
(Portland Oregon)

My friend Sofia is very fond of buying expensive clothes. As a result, she spends almost all of her salary on new outfits. Sofia is definitely a free-spirited girl but I knew that it would get her into trouble some day. I was right.

A few days ago I met her at the coffee shop. Sofia was very nervous. I could sense that she had a problem but it never crossed my mind that it was a credit problem. I can still recall our conversation. I decided not to beat around the bush so I asked her right off the bat, ?What happened? Why are looking so nervous??

At first, she really didn?t want to talk about anything. So I continued, ?If you like, you can tell me whatever is bothering you. I know I can?t do much but I can do at least a little for you.? And that?s when Sofia told me that she was in debt big-time. She was scared. Sofia realized that she was always spending a lot without thinking much about the future. She didn?t know what or how to fix her credit problem.

I recommended that she go to the Citizen's Advice Bureau, which provides the free services of debt specialists. I figured that they would set up a repayment plan by negotiating with Sofia?s creditors. It?s a starting point at least.

I like the name of your site: You have given me lots of good advice and ideas that I will share with Sofia. Actually, I?ll just send her directly here. She needs a credit healer like yourself.

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